Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Machine

Rent an old fashioned 51 inch tall Full-Size Cotton Candy Machine. Half of the excitement is watching the floss come out. Makes a fluffy cone in under a minute. This machine is good for parties with 30 guests or less and will produce about 35 cones per hour. Cotton Candy Machines work best with low humidity levels (indoors). Rental includes one 52 oz. carton of Sugar Floss (Your Choice of Flavor) and 50 Cotton Candy Cones. 1 carton yields 60-70 cones. Rents for $65.00 Each.

700 watts / 6 amps

Purchase an Extra Carton of Sugar Floss and 50 Cotton Candy Cones for $15.00 Each. (Yields 60 - 70 Cones)

Add Cotton Candy Bags & Twist Ties to your order for pre-making cotton candy or for guests to take home. 25 Cotton Candy Bags & Twist Ties for $5.00


Purchase Extra Cones for only $2.50 per 25.

Sugar Floss Flavors
Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape

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