60 Inch Old Fashion Popcorn Machine

Rent this old fashioned 60 inch tall Commercial High Production Popcorn Machine with the Cart. This top of the line commercial popcorn machine has a large basin and a high-output 8-ounce kettle that pops 147 one-ounce bags of popcorn per hour. Popcorn machine has a built in warming deck to keep popcorn hot and fresh. Rental includes popcorn kits to serve 50 people and 50 one oz. popcorn bags. Rents for $80.00 Each.

1420 watts / 12 amps

Purchase an Extra 3 - 8 oz. Popcorn Kits and 25 - 1 oz. Popcorn Bags for $10.00 Each. (Good for 25 Guests)

* Do you want to upgrade your popcorn bags to our Premium 1 oz. Popcorn Boxes like the movies? Upgrade is $10.00 for 50 boxes instead of bags. Purchase additional 25 premium popcorn boxes for $5.00.


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