Parrot Ice Double 2403 & 2405

Parrot Ice Double 2403 & 2405

We sell used 2403/2405 Parrot Ice double dispensing frozen drink machines. These machines work great for restaurants, bars, catering companies, and for rental companies. The Parrot Ice double dispensing counter-top frozen beverage dispenser is a high-output machine with a compact construction design that saves you valuable space! Thanks to a barrel that holds 1 gallon of frozen beverage and is replenished automatically by contents from a 2.5 gallon storage reservoir, this unit allows you to serve 3.25 gallons of product an hour per side. The freeze time is approximately 1 hour. The Low Mix Light tells you when to refill the machine to keep a constant supply of product for those large events. The standby feature allows you keep the mix cold overnight making it more convenient. This gives you a faster start up time for the next day.

We clean these machines inside and out, replace any worn parts, and do a complete test. You can’t beat buying one of our refurbished units, saving you money.


Height: 29" / Depth: 26.5" / Width: 16.5"
Weight: 185 Lbs.
Compressors x 2: 1/3 Hp x 1300 BTU/Hr
Refrigeration System: R134A
Electrical Requirements Operating Voltage: 115v/20amp
Standard Freeze Down Both Cylinders Loaded 60 min with product @ 75 F (initial time required to freeze from liquid)
Cylinder: 3.5 Quarts x 2
Hopper: 9.0 Quarts x 2
Total: 12.5 Quarts x 2

We offer a 30 day parts warranty.

$2000.00 and Up
(Price will vary on age and condition)

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