Snow Cone Machine

Rent a heavy duty Snow Cone Machine. This snow cone machine can crush 500 lbs. of cube or chunk ice per hour. This snow cone machine is easy to use and has a safety switch to prevent accidental start-up. Snow Cone machine comes on a black utility cart and includes an ice scoop and snow dipper. Customer provides the ice and each 10 lb bag of ice will serve 20 guests. Large events - Need extra power? Rent our quiet generator. Rental includes one gallon of premium thick syrup (4 quarts of one flavor or mix & match flavors), 50 - 8 oz insulated foam cups, and 50 spoon straws. 1 quart of syrup yields 15 - 20 snow cones. Rents for $60.00 Each.

1st machine - 792 watts / 7 amps
2nd machine - 972 watts / 8 amps

Purchase an Extra Quart of Syrup, 25 Insulated Foam Cups, and 25 Spoon Straws for $5.00.

Snow Cone Syrup Flavors
Cherry, Strawberry, Tigers Blood, Grape, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Pineapple, Coconut, and Watermelon.

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