Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

Rent this Hawaiian shave ice machine for your event or festival. This commercial shave ice machine holds 4 lbs. of ice in the hopper and produces up to 500 servings per hour. A safety switch is installed on the loading lid that prevents the motor from operating while the lid is open. Simply load the hopper with up to 4 pounds of bagged ice, flip the power switch on and shave ice directly into your cup. Blade height is adjustable to achieve the preferred ice texture. The shave ice machine comes on a black utility cart and includes an ice scoop and snow dipper. Customer provides the ice and each 10 lb bag of ice will serve 15 guests. Rental includes one gallon of premium thick syrup (4 quarts of one flavor or mix & match flavors), 50 - 8 oz insulated foam cups, and 50 spoon straws. 1 quart of syrup yields 15 - 20 snow cones. We rent a foot switch to help with serving at large events. The foot switch rents for $10.00. The shave ice machine rents for $85.00 Each.

1536 watts / 13 amps

Purchase an Extra Quart of Syrup, 25 Insulated Foam Cups, and 25 Spoon Straws for $5.00.

Shave Ice Syrup Flavors
Cherry, Strawberry, Tigers Blood, Grape, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Pineapple, Coconut, and Watermelon

* A SNOW CONE is made by a machine that grinds the ice to create a coarse and chunky ice pellet-type product.

* SHAVE ICE (sometimes called Hawaiian ice or snow-balls) is produced by a machine that shaves the ice so fine and light (snow like) that the syrup sticks to the snow and you eat it with a spoon. Because the ice is very fine it will melt in your mouth.

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