Dual Dispenser Chili and Cheese

Just like our cheese dispenser, the dual machine allows you to serve delicious hot chili and cheese sauce from the same machine to give you a great way to quickly and easily add to hot dogs, nachos, fries, frito pie, and more. Each side of the dual cheese and chili dispenser holds one 140 oz. bag of chili or cheese sauce, and the dispenser maintains temperatures between 140-155 degrees Fahrenheit for safe food storage and a delicious product! Most guests will use between 3 - 4 oz. portions of chili and/or cheese giving you about 35 - 40 servings per bag of cheese and 40 - 45 servings per bag of chili. Because of its bag storage design, it also requires no internal cleaning. Dual Cheese & Chili dispenser measures 15" width x 30" height x 18" depth. Rents for $100.00 each and includes one Ricos premium 140 oz. bag of cheese, one 110 oz. Ricos premium chili sauce, and 50 clear nacho trays.

756 watts / 6.3 amps

Purchase an extra 140 oz. bag of cheese and 50 trays for $20.00

Purchase an extra 110 oz. bag of chili sauce for $30.00

Purchase 25 Extra - 6" x 5" Clear 2 Compartment Plastic Nacho Trays for $3.00


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