Nacho Cheese Dispenser

Give your guests an easy way to add heated cheese to their nacho chips with our nacho cheese dispenser. Cheese temperature stays between 140-155 degrees Fahrenheit so you don't have to worry about burning it. Our nacho cheese dispenser maintains an air-tight control over your cheese to prevent drying. Thanks to its bag style refilling system, the nacho cheese dispenser is fast and easy to refill, reducing down time for refills. There's even space to pre-heat a second bag of nacho cheese inside the nacho cheese dispenser. Dispenser can also be used for putting cheese on fries and hot dogs.
Plus, there's no internal cleaning because the bagged cheese never touches the interior machine parts. Two buttons are preset to dispense two different portion sizes and the third button is for manual dispense to give your guests a variety of portion options. Most guests will use between 3 - 4 oz. portions of cheese giving you about 35 - 40 servings per bag. Nacho dispenser measures 10" width x 28" height x 16" depth. Rents for $65.00 each and includes one Ricos premium 140 oz. bag of cheese and 50 clear nacho trays.

225 watts / 2 amps

"We have used this machine at our parties and it was so easy to use and fun for the guests. We recommend you purchase our individually bagged Ricos round tortilla chips to make serving nachos a breeze".

Purchase an extra 140 oz. bag of cheese and 50 trays for $20.00

Purchase 25 Extra - 6" x 5" Clear 2 Compartment Plastic Nacho Trays for $3.00


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