Tents & Canopies

Orders must be a minimum of $130.00 and within 20 miles of our location to qualify for delivery and pickup. Orders that are outside of 20 miles may require a higher minimum order. We have nominal delivery fees. Equipment rental prices are for a 1-4 day rental. Setup is 1-2 days prior to the event and breakdown is 1-2 days after the event.


ALL frame and marquee tents must be installed by us and the price listed includes set up and breakdown.

All canopy prices listed are for customer setup and breakdown. If you prefer to have us install it for you, we may require a 1 week notice and see our fee schedule below for prices.


Canopy delivery includes door to door on ground floor with no stairs such as garage, front door, or driveway. Pre-arrangement and additional fees are required for deliveries and pickups after normal business hours or to remote or difficult locations (i.e. back yards, decks, stairs, etc).

There is nothing like being underneath a cool shady tent during a hot day, especially when renting our commercial tents. Our tents are made with high density block out vinyl that provides the most shade and heat reduction from the sun. When choosing a site for your tent or canopy, please pay attention to the entire space, including overhead, to make sure there are no power lines or tree branches hanging in the way. Tents and canopies require a minimum of 2 extra feet per side to setup and breakdown. Tents and canopies are secured either by ground stakes, 80 lb concrete weights, or 55 gallon water barrels. Tents are secured with only 26" - 36" grounds stakes or 55 gallon water barrels. When using ground stakes, you must be sure that there are no underground sprinkler systems or anything else that could be damaged when anchoring into the ground. We are not responsible for any damage to underground structures. If you're unsure about underground pipes, you can secure the canopy with 80 lb. concrete weights or out tent with 55 gallon water barrels for an additional charge.

Check out our elegant collection of Catenary Valance Tent Tops available in sizes of 20 x 20, 20 x 30, and 20 x 40. Traditional tents have scalloped tops and numerous unsightly buckles inside the tent. Our tents have no buckles or poles inside the tent.


Table and Chair setup and breakdown is not included.

Tent Package

~ Site Inspection ~
The purpose of a site inspection is to ensure the customer's tent/canopy will fit the customer's space prior to the event date. A minimum fee of $25.00 will be due for any site inspection. Fee will vary on location.

We must call 811 dig for marking of underground utilities such as gas, electric, and cable/telephone lines. Marking the location of water/sprinkler lines is the responsibility of the customer. Island Breeze Party Rentals is not responsible for damage to ANY underground cable lines, gas lines, electrical lines, telephone lines, or sprinkler lines.

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